Surgical Stress Reduction

A complimentary Approach to Surgery
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The American Medical Association approved of the use of hypnosis when used in conjunction with physicians. This audio program is specifically designed to help each surgical patient prepare for surgery by first reducing your stress and then it will help you get better sleep both before and after your operation. It will also help your body relax during surgery and assist your surgeon to gain easier access within your body. It will also help you heal faster and be stronger after you have recovered. It will help you feel better every day in every way so you benefit well beyond just the surgical preparation part of it.

This comforting and reassuring audio program will help you prepare for your surgery, reduce your stress and give you greater confidence and courage about your upcoming surgery. There are multi-layers of sound and voices to help you access deeper states of relaxation and enhance your concentration to accept positive suggestions. Those suggestions will help you reduce your stress, recover from anesthesia easier with fewer side effects and heal quicker than you expected.

As you access those greater depths of relaxation, you will access your Super Conscious Mind which will help your body physically relax during surgery, stem any bleeding that may occur and relax your muscles to give your surgeon better access to your body. This audio program will help you build your confidence in your surgeon and the surgical team and the sounds of the operating room will become comforting for you. The wording in the program helps build your courage, relax your mind before surgery, reduce your stress and keeps your mind and body relaxed throughout your surgery. The program will then help you recover from the anesthesia quicker and help you heal quicker than you expected.

We suggest you listen for at least a week before your scheduled surgery and then throughout your healing period. After listening, you will notice a distinct reduction in stress and an increase in confidence in your surgeon and your own level of courage. You will benefit in so many ways that are indefinable because the positive suggestions given affect each person uniquely, but always positively.

The key to all of these benefits is in entering the deeper levels of relaxation and accessing your Super Conscious Mind. That can only happen when you are deeply relaxed and your mind becomes sufficiently quiet and still. It is then called upon to help your mind and body relax further so it can help you stay calm throughout your surgery and help you heal afterward. That part of your mind will keep your heart beat steady and your breathing calm and continuous. All of this helps your surgeon and the surgical team do a better job for you.

Ultimately, when your mind and body cooperate with your surgeon, things go easier during your surgery and you heal quicker and easier afterward. All this can happen for you from listening to this audio program.

A complimentary Approach to Surgery
$39.95 CD or Download

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